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seeing_hurts's Journal

Just another Fairie

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These are the awards I have won in colorbar_elite and _just_add_color

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angels, anime, anti-war, archangels, astrology, biking, bisexual, bisexuality, blood, bones, books, boondock saints, caleb ross, camarilla, charmed, computers, conventions, crows, cutting, cynical, daggers, dancing, darkness, david gemmell, dawny-poo, dbz, dealia, death, demons, depression, draco malfoy, dragonlace, dragons, dungeons and dragons, dwarves, elves, family guy, fantasy, fuck you, futurama, gaming, gary the snail, ghengis, ghosts, goddesses, gods, goth, graphic design, guardians, hangin with my pals, harry potter, honor, i ♥ my friends, insanity, intelligence, jewelry, kitties, knights, knives, larp, larping, laura wilson, legolas, leonardo da vinci, linkin park, live action roleplay, lord of the rings, mage con, magick, merlin, metal, metaphysical, midnight runs to ihop, money, moon, moonlight, mp3's, music, nuke, pagan, paganism, pagans, pain, paranoia, pessimisim, philosophy, pictures, poetry, pop, potterpuffs, punk, queer as folk, randy orton, rap, reading, religion, rock, role play, role playing, role-playing, roleplaying, roshai, rpging, rpgs, runes, sandman, sci-fi, science, self-injury, shadows, shakira, shannerkins, short stories, sis, six stones, skywynd, spirits, suicide, sunshine, supernatural, swimming, swords, system of a down, sytherin, tarot, tattoos, tears, telepathy, the l word, the mall, the mall rats, the mallrats, the tribe, tool, trance, vampire: the masquerade, video games, vodka, vtm, wheel of time, white wolf, willow, wings, witchcraft, wizards, women, world of warcraft, wow, wrestling, writing